Introducing Your HTMS Upgrade: Axon

Your new HBDI® administration platform.

To say that it’s an improvement of our current HTMS (Herrmann Thinking Management System) is an understatement.

With Axon, you can:

  • Allow your Thinkers to take their HBDI on their mobile devices!
  • Provide a modern and intuitive user experience for HBDI® assessments for your Thinkers.
  • Easily invite Thinkers, automatically remind them through Axon, and track HBDI completion.
  • Generate reports that give you the progress of your Thinkers.
  • Support the future assessments that Herrmann is building to create additional opportunities for your Thinkers to do more with Whole Brain ® Thinking.
  • Rest assured that your Thinkers' data (and your data) are secure in a password protected database.

We hope that you’re as excited to learn about this new system as we are to help you use it. 

To be entered into the queue for migration and training, complete the form to the right. One of your friendly account management team members will be in touch!

* Please note that this request form is for U.S. and UK-based clients. For our other clients around the world, please check with your local office for Axon migration information.