Strengthen your competitive advantage through inclusive leadership

A huge percentage of the investment your organization makes is in its people—in essence, your business runs on their thinking. Is your organization getting a full return on that diversity of thinking?

To go beyond just having diversity to actually realizing its benefits, today’s leaders need to create the conditions that will allow everyone to put their best thinking to work. In this interactive webinar, Herrmann International CEO Ann Herrmann-Nehdi will explore 5 essential leadership practices for seeking out, encouraging and applying the organization’s diversity of thought to address today’s biggest business challenges—and to strengthen your competitive advantage.

From innovation to team performance to employee engagement, inclusive leaders inspire the diverse contributions and levels of productivity that set their organizations apart from the rest. Whether you’re a leader, aspire to lead, or are responsible for developing today’s and tomorrow’s leaders for success in a dynamic and increasingly complex world, this webinar will provide the action steps and practical tools you need to immediately make an impact.

You’ll learn:

  • The characteristics of inclusive leadership and why it’s so critical in today’s business environment
  • How leaders can apply what we know about the brain and its application in business situations to improve individual, team and overall performance
  • A model for leveraging the full diversity of thought available—your own as well as your team’s, customers’, and others’—to solve complex business problems
  • 5 inclusive leadership practices for turning diversity of thought into business value

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